Esmeralda, My Queen

Nick6510 Oct 2017

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    5 Oct 2017

    Hi guys, I want to tell you the story that I had with this beautiful woman few days ago.
    I live in Los Angeles, California but because of my work I have to travel to different contries. As a consecuense, I have been at Santiago de Chile many times. Some days ago, I was staying in the hotel Cumbres Vitacura and I was quite boring, so I decided to search in internet for some fun. After a long time, I found this woman and I read some of her stories which made me really horny. After it, I called her and an attractive voice answered; she told me all her services and I was delighted to heared them, so I decided to contract her; she agreed to come to my hotel. After an hour, she arrived. When I saw her, I was very delighted, she was so discreet and cautios and I liked it, She was like a queen and. When she was at my room, we kissed like animals and we also pawed each other. She offered to me a massage which I accepted inmediatly. I am still feeling her hands on my neck, and also on my dick. It was a relaxing massage wich I enjoyed a lot. After that massage I got very horny so I couldn't wait for the action. She started everything, She sucked my dick while I touched her tits; I will never forget her moans of excitement. Then, we fucked like beasts and I loved it. After all, we just talked a little bit and then the time was over, so she had to leave.
    I recommend her 100%, she is such a hot woman and I hope to be with her again in few days.

    Here is the famous chart:
    Nivel de Empote: 100% I like her a lot.
    Llamada: 7 She was so lovely.
    Ambiente: 7 it was my hotel.
    Higiene: 7 she was clean.
    Atención: 7 she did everthing I wanted.
    Cara: 7 She is the same that in the photo.
    Besos: 7 Like an animal.
    Lolas: 6 very big.
    Cuerpo: 6.5
    Cola: 7 I LOVE IT !
    Oral: 6 Although it was with condom, she knew how to do her work.
    Flor o Pussy: 7 clean.
    Pélvicos: 7 Her movements were a symphony.
    Anal: N/A
    Precio: 7 The price was the enought although I gave her more.
    Duración: 6 I would have liked to have more time.

    Nota final: 7!! I highly recommed her for a hot night.
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    21 Oct 2012
    Nice report Nick.
    Think I'll have to pay her a visit myself soon